Optical Systems

Custom optical systems from optical design to system integration Asphericon designs, develops and manufactures complete assemblies and optical systems for your application. Our team supports you from the first feasibility study through prototype construction and precise system integration. Benefit from in-house manufactured high-precision mounts, assembly in ISO 5 and ISO 7 certified clean rooms [...]

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Beam Tuning

1. Beam expansion - A unique system made of aspheric lenses Conventional laser beam expander can only be adapted with great effort, are relatively large and only suitable for a certain wavelength. The world’s first use of an aspheric lens for laser beam expansion opens completely new possibilities. Spherical aberrations are corrected and an afocal [...]

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Tomorrow’s systems today by asphericon – the experts in freeform opticsFreeform optical lenses with no rotational symmetry enable totally new concepts for optical systems. Freeform optics allow fewer elements to be used for optical systems, making them smaller, lighter and more efficient. And when it comes to freeform optics with maximum precision – all [...]


Mirrors and Reflectors

Custom made optical mirrorsOptical mirrors find wide applications across numerous industries such as imaging, lighting, interferometry, life sciences and semiconductors. At asphericon, we meticulously craft a range of precision mirrors including laser mirrors, IR mirrors and aspherical reflectors. We source an array of bespoke materials for these mirrors, from various types of glass to [...]

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Spheres - Lenses with achromatic functionSpherical lenses, also known as round optics or spheres, are used to collect, diverge or focus light. They are used for various technological applications, for example in medical technology and  semiconductor industry, or as a component in achromatic lens systems. Achromatic lenses consist of two to three lenses cemented [...]



1. Custom AcylinderBased on a specially developed CNC grinding and polishing processes, asphericon manufactures acylinders with a surface form deviation (RMSi) of ≤ 0.5 µm. Together with our customers, we design and manufacture suitable aspherical cylinders for their applications from a large selection of optical glasses, from prototypes to series production. You can also [...]



1. Custom AxiconsIn addition to an exclusive selection of high-precision 1″ and 2″ a|Axicons direct from stock, asphericon also manufactures convex and concave axicons as custom solutions. According to the requirements of our customers, we manufacture prototypes, small series or series. Almost all optically effective materials are suitable for production using specially developed CNC-controlled grinding and [...]



 1. Custom AspheresLooking for a custom solution? Discover our customized aspheres with unsurpassed surface quality and following specifications:Aspheric optics for UV/VIS/IR rangeIndividual optical designs for for all types of applicationsDiffraction-limited quality with a Strehl ratio up to 0.99Outstanding surface quality with roughness values as low as 5 ÅHigh-end optical coatings' 2. StockOptics AspheresAspheres directly from stockThe StockOptics [...]