Laser Protection Accessories

Laser protection accessories are needed in the design of laser machines and the usage of lasers. There are 3 types of laser protection accessories available for laser protection

  1. Goggles
  2. Windows
  3. Films

These safety accessories are designed to protect users from light radiation when working with lasers when laser cutting or even laser marking. This is a piece of the necessary equipment as laser radiation are especially harmful to the eyes, which can cause long term damage.

Laser Protective Film

laser protective film, which is made of a super wear-resistant PET protective film layer and a multi-layer composite film with a specific wavelength of nano-absorbent material laminated by a special process. This specific wavelength nano-absorbent material adopts the principle of compound absorption (absorption + reflection), which overcomes the problem of the film difficulty to achieve a high OD value. The product has excellent characteristics of wear resistance and ageing resistance.

The film absorption type laser shield (window) is composed of a laser shield and a substrate. The substrate can be selected according to user requirements, such as acrylic or glass. It can also realize self-sticking and DIY construction at the factory site. The thickness can also be determined according to user requirements.

The laser protective window in the laser workplace requires two important indicators. One is to safely and effectively protect laser radiation. The second is that the protective window should be safe and explosion-proof. At present, PMMA (acrylic, English ACRYLIC) protective panels on the market can meet the requirements of protecting laser radiation, but the acrylic panels are very brittle and have poor impact resistance. Once impacted by external forces, they will be sharply broken and cause a splash. The laser protective window that can reach the safety and explosion-proof grade can be achieved by adopting the film type.

Properties of Laser Film:

  • It is simple, fast and reliable. It's as simple as a car film. Can realize on-site DIR filming. A large-size laser protection window can be easily realized.
  • Make your protective window become a real safety window that is both anti-laser and anti-impact.
  • Neutral colour, the field of view does not change colour. Will not produce colour cast and cause judgment errors.
  • Cost advantage. For large-size laser protective windows, the cost of self-sticking film is reduced by 1/3 compared with the original integrate

Laser Protective Goggles

Laser protective goggles are added with world-leading UV absorber into PMMA and PC base material, which can protect the laser of various specific wavelengths from near-ultraviolet to far-infrared, such as 266nm laser, excimer laser, green laser (523nm), YAG laser (1064nm), holmium laser (2100nm), erbium-doped laser (2940nm), carbon dioxide laser and various semiconductor laser, etc. The laser attenuation is 1000 times to 1000000 times above, which can ensure the laser security of the working environment.

Laser Goggles Properties:

  • Absorption protection, its protection effect will not be affected by scratches.
  • The lens is hardened and strengthened, which are impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and hot water-resistant.
  • It has high optical density, high attenuation rate and high efficient and reliable protection.
  • The high visible light transmittance can help with the operation and increase the comfort of wearers.
  • Diversified type designs are applicable to various face shapes, head shapes and users of different demands.
  • It can shield a dazzling flashlight.

(the picture below shows a laser protective film applied to the glass of a laser machine case)

Laser Protective Window

The broad-spectrum continuous absorption type laser protective window is a kind of high efficient and secure absorption laser guard plate (window) made up of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) and light-absorbing materials of a specific wavelength. It has no selection for the light source, which can safely prevent various diffuse light. It has no selection for the angle of incidence, which can safely prevent the laser and strong light of specific wavebands in an all-around way. It has a rapid light reaction and a high attenuation rate. It is wear-resistant on the surface. Even the scratch will not affect the security protection of light. It is optical safety performance fully meets the GJB1762-93 Physiological Hygeian Protection Requirments for Laser Protective Eyewear, passes the detection of PLA Medical Laser Metrology Testing and Research Center and obtains the European CE certificate

Properties of Laser Protective Window 

  • Absorption protection, all-round protection of all kinds of specific laser and strong light
  • It has an impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and hot water-resistant characteristics with high security and durability
  • It has a high optical density, high attenuation rate and high efficient and reliable protection
  • It can shield dazzling flashlight

Protection band and laser optical density OD value

This value shows the wavelength range of the safety goggles and window material

While the OD (optical density) represent the amount of light that can pass through the material.

For example: