Laser Knight Pro Laser Barrier

Its features high laser protection level and flexible and convenient use. It is suitable for KW level laser protection, especially for high Power laser experiment, laser processing workshop, safety protection of laser equipment. Additionally, there is two available mobile and fixed which suit frequently site layout changes.

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Laser Defender Pro Laser Curtain

Laser Defender Pro laser protection curtain is developed in accordance with laser safety regulations, has a high laser protection exposure limit, can be used for the safety protection of Class 4 lasers, and is suitable for the area protection of laser laboratories, processing workshops, and laser machines.

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Laser Safety Curtains

Laser Face Shield and Clothing

The safety face shield features a ratchet adjustable neck strap for a custom fit. Made of durable nylon. The swivel action allows the user to lift the mask while donning. The laser protective face shield adopts EUCE EN207 standard protective window.

There is two series of standard photoelectric and enhanced industrial version. The standard photoelectric version is equipped with dust-free anti-static and flame-resistant outer lining, which is suitable for optical communication, semiconductor microelectronics with low power and clean room operation and other industries. The enhanced industrial version is suitable for industrial laser processing occasions, especially for handheld laser processing operators.

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Voltera V-One

The Voltera V-One is a desktop-sized PCB printer prototyping tool that drills through-holes, prints traces using conductive ink, dispenses solder paste, and has a built-in reflow bed. The V-One is equipped with a built-in 550W heated bed to reflow solder for an entire board of SMD components, reaching up to 240°C! With the click of a button, you can cure ink and reflow components using pre-defined heating profiles for Voltera materials, or create your own curing profiles.

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HW615P Bandsaw

The concept behind the HW615P is to make a truly heavy-duty, powerful, precise, and definitely a user safety bandsaw which will enable you to do the job with ease and pleasure unlike traditional ones. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing high quality machines and serving woodworking customers world-wide in 105 countries. ALPHA machines have been totally re-designed by Harvey, bringing the standards of woodworking machinery to its best.

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