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Bambu Lab A1 Mini

Discover precision and finesse with the Bambu Lab A1 Mini, the ultimate choice for multi-color printing enthusiasts. Simplify your setup process with full auto calibration, eliminating manual adjustments and allowing you to focus on bringing your creative visions to life effortlessly. Unleash unmatched print quality with AMS Lite's active flow rate compensation, ensuring [...]

Bambu Lab A1 Mini2024-01-10T13:12:01+08:00

Bambu Lab X1E

Bambu Lab X1E, our advanced product with upgraded connectivity features for seamless integration, increased versatility, and expanded compatibility. Enjoy the convenience of off-cloud operation, ensuring your autonomy and data security. Experience enhanced air quality with heavy-duty air filtration, coupled with active heating and precise chamber temperature control. Achieve superior printing results with [...]

Bambu Lab X1E2023-12-12T15:40:14+08:00

Bambu Lab X1 Series

Bambu Lab X1 Series Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D Printer with AMS (Auto material system) Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D Printer without AMS (Auto material system) Dimension: 389 x 389 x 857 mm (LxWxH) Dimension: 389 x 389 x 457 mm (LxWxH) Product features Multi Colour & Multi Material Capability (Up to 16 multi-colour [...]

Bambu Lab X1 Series2023-09-13T15:40:32+08:00

Bambu Lab P1S and P1P

Bambu Lab P1S & P1P Bambu Lab P1S 3D Printer Dimension: 389x389x458 mm (LxWxH) Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer Dimension: 386x389x458 mm (LxWxH) Product features Set up in 15 minutes High-speed 3D printing with up to 20000 mm/s² acceleration Upgradeable and customizable flexibility Compatible with AMS for multi-colour printing State-of-the-art electronics Vibration Compensation, pressure [...]

Bambu Lab P1S and P1P2023-12-12T16:06:39+08:00