Frequency Combs. What are they?

A recurrence comb in photonics may be a laser source whose range comprises of a arrangement of discrete, similarly dispersed recurrence lines. This ghastly structure takes after the teeth of a comb, thus the title "recurrence comb." These gadgets are profoundly profitable in different areas, counting exactness metrology, spectroscopy, and broadcast communications. Key Characteristics [...]

Frequency Combs. What are they?2024-05-28T15:52:59+08:00

What is a Spatial Light Modulator?

An apparatus that modulates light in a spatial pattern by adjusting the amplitude, phase, or polarization of light waves across its surface is called a spatial light modulator, or SLM. SLMs are crucial for many optical applications such as beam shaping, display technology, and imaging. Liquid crystal SLMs (LC-SLMs) and digital micromirror devices (DMDs) [...]

What is a Spatial Light Modulator?2024-05-28T15:33:37+08:00