Laser Marking

iLaser provide all types of laser marking system such as enclosure laser marking, laser marking integration system, affordable entry-level laser marking machine

Portable Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

With its performance and rapid speed, this fiber laser marking machine can be highly integrated with all mechanical and optical electronics and equipment like lasers, computers, and automatic controls. Additionally, the laser has a high peak power and outstanding beam quality as characteristics, a good touch interface and a strong control system [...]

Portable Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine2023-03-20T14:21:23+08:00

Q5 Portable Handheld Smart Laser Marking Machine (Battery type)

The Q5 handheld smart laser machine is a portable, battery-powered and fully autonomous marking machine. Due to its powerful 24V rechargeable lithium battery power supply system, it can maintain 6-8 hours of work under normal use, with strong endurance and no cable drag, avoiding the embarrassment of sudden power failure during use. [...]

Q5 Portable Handheld Smart Laser Marking Machine (Battery type)2023-05-08T09:48:26+08:00

UV Laser Marking Machine

The UV laser marking machine is mostly used for fine processing of very high-quality market, like the surface of the bottle from beauty care products, medications, food and other polymer material, fine effect, better than ink printing and no pollution; adaptable PCB plate marking, scribing; silicon wafers, surface coating of metal, plastic, electronic parts, [...]

UV Laser Marking Machine2023-04-13T17:03:41+08:00

Enclosure UV Laser Marking Machine

The Thunder Aurora laser series. Ideal for metalwork, the Aurora machines are powerful, precise, fast and flexible. It has the ability to engrave vector fonts with incredible accuracy, the Aurora is perfect for highly detailed designs like serial numbers, company logos, icons, bar codes, matrixes and more. The optical fiber laser enables you to [...]

Enclosure UV Laser Marking Machine2024-03-19T17:26:32+08:00

3D Laser Marking Machine System

The 3D Galvanometer scanner has compact design, high positioning accuracy, higher marking speed, and strong anti-interference ability. In the process of dynamic marking, the marking line has high precision, distortion free, power uniform, pattern without distortion, the overall performance has reached the international leading level in the field. 3D serial fiber [...]

3D Laser Marking Machine System2023-04-26T09:31:55+08:00

2/4 Position Turnable Laser Marking Machine with CCD

Introduction Introduction UV laser is a newly developed laser processing technology. Unlike the traditional laser thermal processing mode, the UV laser uses a cold processing mode that does not generate heat. It not only has good laser beam quality, but also has a smaller focusing spot and is able to achieve ultra-fine marking. And [...]

2/4 Position Turnable Laser Marking Machine with CCD2023-05-30T13:48:26+08:00

Enclosure Laser Marking system

    Laser Marking System Benefits & features Compact design to saves space ( dimensions are 28*15*27(in)) Light weight:  30-50 kg (66 -110 pounds), easy to move and carry to shows and other sites All air-cooled, no consumables needed, maintenance-free,low consumption < 0.8 Kw/h Ultra high accuracy and fineness at resolution up [...]

Enclosure Laser Marking system2023-06-01T13:47:00+08:00

Industrial Standard Laser Marking System

Emphasizing on three key factors, high performance, high reliability and absolute convenience, our Ytterbium (Yb) Fiber Industrial standard laser marking system portray the essence of our company’s vision – enabling accessibility and adoption of laser technology by various industries around the world. These Yb Fiber Laser Marking systems demonstrate strong mode control and thermal [...]

Industrial Standard Laser Marking System2023-06-08T13:19:39+08:00

Flexible Laser Marking system

The T series fiber flying laser printer is a high-speed continuous marking machine designed to improve productivity. It adopts industrial-grade high-performance laser source which are with stable performance, fast processing efficiency and marking speed on the production line. It can reach high speed up to 200 meters per minute (single-line 2MM-high numbers and letters) [...]

Flexible Laser Marking system2023-05-31T17:49:17+08:00