Emphasizing on three key factors, high performance, high reliability and absolute convenience, our Ytterbium (Yb) Fiber Industrial standard laser marking system portray the essence of our company’s vision – enabling accessibility and adoption of laser technology by various industries around the world. These Yb Fiber Laser Marking systems demonstrate strong mode control and thermal management which aid in producing high beam quality even at high powers. The systems come with laser sources that operate over 20,000 hours, providing reliability, stability and a maintenance-free operation.

Standard Technical Features

Laser power output: ≥10 Watt 

High marking speed: Min 400 cps (1.0mm height)

Marking character size: Min. 0.2mm

Marking field: Up to 180mm sq.


Key Features

No font or graphic restrictions

Single phase air-cooled

Low weight and small footprint

High operating lifetime

Minimum operating costs

Industrial Laser Applications:           

  • Semiconductor IC marking
  • Automotive Labels marking
  • Plastics Marking
  • Day & Night Marking
  • Precision marking & Deep Marking
  • Solar (Thin-Films) Scribing