Laser Modules

Our high-quality laser modules, designed for precision and reliability. Our laser modules can emit a bright, focused dot or a crisp, straight line, making them perfect for a wide range of applications. AN-0XL MODULE SERIES ADVANTAGES OF OUR LASER MODULES Wide wavelength range High stability of the laser beam parameters and the radiation axis [...]

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NBiOT Technology

We offer fully-integrated solutions to control and automate factory problems from individual sensing devices and transducers to multi-functional measurement and control systems. Our solution - Microclimate Recorder Portable AN -61 CS The principle of operation is based on measuring and converting signals from primary transducers of temperature and/or relative air humidity and/or [...]

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Optical Micrometer

Shadow laser micrometer is a powerful tool for precision measurements in various applications. This device uses a laser beam to project a shadow of an object onto a receiver, allowing for accurate and non-contact measurement of distances and dimensions. Optical micrometer Principle of operation: • Optical micrometers are intended for contactless measurement and the [...]

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Triangulation Rangefinder

Triangulation Laser Rangefinder, the perfect tool for accurate distance measurement in a variety of applications. Using a high-precision laser, this rangefinder employs the triangulation method to calculate distances with incredible accuracy and speed. Triangulation Rangefinder Principle of operation:  • The basis of the sensor is based on the principle of optical triangulation. • The [...]

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Laser Scanners

Triangulation laser scanner - a powerful tool for capturing high-precision 3D models of objects and environments. With its advanced laser triangulation technology, our scanner is able to capture millions of data points per second, resulting in highly accurate and detailed 3D models. BASIC SPECIFICATIONS Laser: red (658 nm), blue (450 nm), green (532 nm), [...]

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