Laser Safety

Laser safety goggle and window

Laser safety goggle and Window are manufactured from imported materials of Polycarbonate and optical absorption films with patented optical technologies and production schemes.  The safety glass piece is made from industrial polycarbonate or glasses with latest scratch protection technology and reinforced surface ensuring the long life usage, which can provide comprehensive protections and suitable [...]

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Laser Safety Barrier

Laser Knight protection screen is a Portable Laser Safety Barrier assembled with the aluminum frame of the Laser Shield 4005 laser protection. It has the characteristics of high laser protection level and flexible and convenient use. It is suitable for KW level laser protection, especially for high Power laser experiment, laser processing workshop, safety [...]

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Laser Safety Curtain

Laser Defender Pro Laser Curtain is a laser safety curtain developed in accordance with laser safety regulations, has a high laser protection exposure limit, can be used for the safety protection of Class 4 lasers, and is suitable for the area protection of laser laboratories, laser processing workshops, and laser machines. Laser Defender Pro [...]

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Laser Safety Face Shield and Clothing

Laser Safety World Laser Protective Clothing is a laser protective clothing is cut and sewn with Laser Defender laser protective curtains. It is the only professional laser protective clothing . The standard product of Laser Safety World laser protective clothing is in the form of a one-piece apron, with a length of 1.2m, one [...]

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