Laser Knight protection screen

is a Portable Laser Safety Barrier assembled with the aluminum frame of the Laser Shield 4005 laser protection. It has the characteristics of high laser protection level and flexible and convenient use. It is suitable for KW level laser protection, especially for high Power laser experiment, laser processing workshop, safety protection of laser equipment. 

3 Types 

Laser Safety Barrier 3 types

Laser Safety Barrier Features

Laser Safety Barrier Feature

Laser Knight Safety Barrier

Laser Knight safety barrier

Standard Model

Installation Notes:

Mobile Laser Knight - The laser protective screen has been assembled with the main body and the caster. The user only require to install the caster assembly on the bottom of the main body using hexagonal wrench.

Stationary Laser Knight - The user only require to install the base to the bottom of the main body and use anchor bolts to connect the base to the ground, together with the main body of the protective screen.

Mobile Laser Knight

Stationary Laser Knight

Case Display

Laser Knight case Display