Beamtech provides various of flash lamp and diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers for scientific research, medical , industrial OEM lasers and custom-built laser systems tailored to customer requirements.

Products Feature

  • High pulse energy laser: up to 22 J@1064 nm8-26 ns pulse width, high peak power;Unique cavity design to ensure uniform beam profile.
  • Dual Pulse laser: High repetition rate kHz available with 30 mJ Low timing jitter ensures timing accuracy;High output energy 10 mJ-500 mJ@532 nm.
  • Compact Pulsed laser: Compact size;High SHG and UV efficiency;Energy level from 400 mJ to 2000 mJ.

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Laser Shock Peening

Pump OPO


>          Precise Micro-Machining: scribing of natural diamond, PCD, CVD, drilling hard material like Titanium, SiC, Tungsten, machining of alumina ceramics

>          Controlled processing of transparent materials (no µ-cracking): glass/Polymer

>          Cost-effective UV solutions: Wafer Analysis AlGaN-HEMT,Si, Laser introduced Fluorescence (LIF) , biological applications

>          Remote sensing: increased differentiation for visible and UV applications

>          Biomedical imaging

>          Two-photons Absorption based microfabrication: µFab3D