What are objectives?

Objectives are the business end of microscopes, but they have also found uses in many other applications like high power lasers, as well as UV and IR applications. Objectives lens come in 5x to 100x magnifications and can also be provided with cover glass compensation which can be modified to correct spherical aberration for looking into samples of various indices of refraction.

What are objectives used for?

When it comes to the objective lens that can be used for laser machine using pulsed lasers. Chromatic aberration is suppressed in both visible and UV laser wavelength, achieving a high transmittance. This varies between different types of laser sources such as UV, fibre and CO2 lasers.

Objective lens have varying design for different wavelengths.  At iLaser we utilise the 355nm and 532nm wavelength objective lens. This allows our iLaser machine to provide amazing laser marking and cutting service. This is due to these two wavelength is ideal for material processing.  We also utalise the 1064 and 10600 nm wavelength for more powerful and larger laser machines

Properties of Objective Lens:

  • Highly corrected lens with high magnification
  • Large numerical aperture produces minimum spot size
  • Fully usable throughout the  the visible wavelength spectrum