What are fibre optics?

Fibre optics is a key technology for the photonics industry, providing a flexible mechanism for delivering the output from laser sources. They play an important role in laser delivery and analysis.


Fibre Optic Laser cables are the best for laser power delivery with high brightness and beam quality.


  • Laser Welding of Metals & Plastics
  • Laser Cutting & Drilling
  • Rapid Surface Processing
  • Medical Laser Power Delivery
  • Laser Target & Rangefinder
  • Laser Spectroscopy

Fibre Coupler for CO- and CO2-lasers

These fibre couplers are a group of unique optical fibres.These Focusing Couplers are designed to focus CO₂- and CO-laser beams into the optic fibre cables. The Couplers are adjustable and can be adapted to the custom laser heads. While other fibre optics are not able to work alongside CO2 and CO sources. These shows are specially made and designed for them.

Photonic-crystal fibre (PCF)

Photonic-crystal fiber (PCF) is a class of optical fiber based on the properties of photonic crystals. Because of its ability to confine light in hollow cores or with confinement characteristics not possible in conventional optical fiber, PCF is now finding applications in fiber-optic communications, fiber lasers, nonlinear devices, high-power transmission, highly sensitive gas sensors, and other areas. Photonic crystal fibers may be considered a subgroup of a more general class of microstructure optical fibers, where light is guided by structural modifications, and not only by refractive index differences.


Analysis Applications with Photonic-crystal fibre(PCF):

  • Mid IR spectroscopy
  • Flexible IR pyrometry
  • Flexible IR-Imaging systems

Polycrystalline Infra-Red (PIR-) fibers transparent over a broad spectral range 3 - 17 μm.Highest performance PIR core/clad fibers are extruded with core diameters span from 240µmto 860µm. Continuously improved extrusion process provides a superior optical quality and mechanical strength of PIR- fibers. Low optical losses without absorption peaks over the mentioned spectral range ensure a successful use of PIR- fiber for a broad range of applications.