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Neptune, an intelligent marvel with world-class safety features. Its dynamic design features a swiveling, sliding headstock for enhanced versatility. Tailor your printing experience with customizable speed settings, while smart speed and ramp settings ensure optimal precision. Elevate your projects with a product that seamlessly combines intelligence, safety, and efficiency. [...]



Introducing ThunderBolt, our cutting-edge laser engraving machine, which combines high-resolution engraving at high speed with a low lifetime cost. With 1G memory, built-in exhaust fan, air compressor, and a user-friendly touch screen operating panel, it simplifies your work process. This machine features super silent fans, a high-resolution camera, and integrated parameter settings [...]


Tabletop Series CNC Router

TR6090A CNC Router The TR6090A CNC Router includes a 2HP HSD high frequency collet spindle, and a vacuum which allows for mechanical clamping/vacuum hold down. The gantry height is 7- 1/2″, which provides maximum flexibility to route sheet goods and larger taller parts. The machine drive motors are Nema 34 high powered brushless motors, [...]

Tabletop Series CNC Router2023-05-15T15:58:47+08:00

Pneumatic Peen Marking/Engraving Machine (Standalone)

This Standalone Pneumatic Peen Machine is the most basic model. This machine model is a self-contained standalone marking system, designed to mark and engrave flat surfaces with ease and high precision. It is perfect for marking/engraving on material that is below the hardness of HRC 60 or lower. Features and benefits: Newest [...]

Pneumatic Peen Marking/Engraving Machine (Standalone)2023-03-20T15:31:01+08:00

Pneumatic Peen Marking/Engraving Machine (Portable)

Pneumatic Peen Machine (Portable) This Portable Pneumatic Peen machine model is a portable marking system, designed to easily carry around when needed to mark and engrave flat surfaces with ease and high precision. It is perfect for marking/engraving on material that is below the hardness of HRC 60 or lower. Features and [...]

Pneumatic Peen Marking/Engraving Machine (Portable)2023-03-20T15:46:31+08:00

Robot arm CNC router

Robot arm CNC router are more flexible than traditional hand-carved and multi-dimensional CNC machining centre high, accurate and good features, and its structure is more compact size, processing more extensive space. the 6 axis robot router system includes the robot body system, robot offline programming software System, processing spindle, rotary positioner Rotary positioner [...]

Robot arm CNC router2023-05-29T17:21:50+08:00

3 Axis CNC Router

Product Description  1. The  CNC routers with linear ATC C Series is engineered and built to fit your application as well as your budget. Our  CNC routers with linear ATC are available in both large and small table configurations, and are fully capable of handling a wide variety of milling, drilling, contouring, boring, [...]

3 Axis CNC Router2023-06-01T13:05:58+08:00

Mini CNC Router

This mini 4 Axis CNC can be widely used A. Widely used not only for Aluminum but also acrylic, brass, wood, PVC, PCB and so on. B. Ideal for milling, engraving, drilling & routing. C. For Industry,Technology Research,Advertising Design,Arts Creation,Teaching,Student Project and Hobby Purposes, Building Model Making, Adverstising Signs,Artwork,Crafts,Aircraft Models,RC Model parts

Mini CNC Router2023-05-19T15:10:30+08:00

5 Axis CNC Router

5 axis CNC Router (Non-metal) Our CNC router can process the material in all direction with the 5 axis technology. ​ Applicable Industries: Wood, Styrofoam, foam etc. non-metal material in industry foam mould, wood mould, huge plastic mould, casting mould, light cover mould, statue mould etc.    Features: Adopt advanced five axis technology which [...]

5 Axis CNC Router2023-05-31T17:45:27+08:00