TR6090A CNC Router

The TR6090A CNC Router includes a 2HP HSD high frequency collet spindle, and a vacuum which allows for mechanical clamping/vacuum hold down. The gantry height is 7- 1/2″, which provides maximum flexibility to route sheet goods and larger taller parts.

The machine drive motors are Nema 34 high powered brushless motors, thus providing the power to route any wood, plastic, foam, or non-ferrous metal.  The controller is a stand-alone hand-held controller. The buttons on the controller are all pre-programmed to perform certain machine instruction, thus making machine operations easy to learn and use. Also, a compact version of a full-scale CNC system that designed for smaller sized business or shops and can be implemented in a production environment or educational setting. Additional options include a steel base and full safety enclosure with door interlock ideal for educational institutes.


TR6090A CNC router



TR6090A CNC router views


 Vacuum table

TR6090A CNC router spindle


Vacuum table

Vacuum t-slot table comes standard on our machine. This unique design features multi-port zone sections which allows users to move gasketing around to create concentrated vacuum zones, where desired. The heavy-duty aluminum t-slots allow for mechanical fixturing if vacuum is not required.


TR6090A CNC router comes equipped with a 2 HP HSD high frequency collet spindle.


Handheld Controller

The hand-held controller is the heart of the operational system. This hand-held controller redefines the phrase “easy-to-use”. Customers can be up and running the same day power is connected to the machine. Every controller has very easy to read, understand, and execute commands. The setup introduction manual provides information that will have users cutting parts in minutes.


Ideal for small part production, prototyping, model making, metal engraving, woodworking, signage educational applications and very advanced hobby applications. Designed to cut a multitude of materials such as composite materials, foam, plastic, wood, acrylic, MDF, bamboo. PVC. Double color board, brass, copper, aluminum, and ACP etc.


TR6090A CNC router Specification

TR6090A CNC router dimension