SeaTek specializes in high frequency acoustic instrumentation for both laboratory and field applications. A typical Ultrasonic Ranging System is composed of 32 transducers, and an electronics package.  The acoustic operating frequency of this system is 5 MHz.  The electronics package communicates with a PC via a USB communications port. The electronics package is capable of running up to 32 transducers, and sampling up to 4 external analog channels.

Electronics Package

The electronics package contains all of the transmitter, receiver, signal processing, and communication electronics.  The electronics package streams the range data back to a logging PC which runs supplied software to display and log the range data real-time.


All of the transducers are housed in stainless steel housings.  There are 32 transducers included with this system. The transducers operate at 5 MHz; have a half beam angle of 0.9 degrees, and a transducer diameter of 1 cm.  The closest range measurement of this system is 3.5 cm; the furthest range is 110 cm.

Application Procedure:

  • These transducer arrays were designed to mount together to form a continuous transducer array of 32 transducers with 4 cm transducer spacing.
  • This 32 element transducer array was designed to cover a large section of seabed with high-resolution.
  • The electronics were housed in a waterproof housing and the transducer connectors were under-water matable.
  • This 32 transducer field instrument was designed to measure bedforms in the energetic near-shore ocean environment.