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IR Detector and Modules from Vigo System

We supply a wide scope of standard from custom infrared (IR) indicators to Vigo Frameworks, with accentuation on room temperature and thermo-electrically (TE) cooled gadgets. Detector solutions can incorporate coordinated with preamplifiers and drivers, in this way offering you a turn key answer for your product or testing [...]

IR Detector and Modules from Vigo System2023-05-19T11:45:45+08:00

Thermal Image Plates

  Thermal image plates allows us to see IR laser beams with a high resolution. The thermal image plate displays IR laser beam through the use of the thermal-sensitive phosphors. When an IR laser beam strikes the thermal-sensitive surface, the absorbed energy raises the surface temperature and produces a corresponding thermal image. The produced [...]

Thermal Image Plates2023-05-08T09:42:12+08:00


SEMISHARE provides semiconductor testing equipment and processing equipment. The testing equipments include probe station, laser repair system, IV / CV tracer and source meter , network analyzers, optical microscopy, EMMI, X-ray, C-SAM ultrasonic detector, SEM. Processing equipment include plasma etcher like RIE,ICP etc.,diffusion,oxidation furnace,CVD,wafer bonder,spin coater,lithography,sputtering machine,electronic beam evaporator etc. . We in ilaser [...]


Spectrometer Light Sources

Zolix is a company that designs Spectrometer Light Sources, detectors, optical components and optics-based solutions for the scientific research. These are the products of Zolix we mainly distribute Fluorescence/Photoluminescence Spectroscopy :- Fluorescence/Photoluminescence Spectroscopy is when samples absorb photons and then emit them at a different wavelength the resultant light can be dispersed by a [...]

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High Frequency Acoustic Instrumentation

  SeaTek specializes in high frequency acoustic instrumentation for both laboratory and field applications. A typical Ultrasonic Ranging System is composed of 32 transducers, and an electronics package.  The acoustic operating frequency of this system is 5 MHz.  The electronics package communicates with a PC via a USB communications port. The electronics package is capable of [...]

High Frequency Acoustic Instrumentation2023-05-19T14:13:25+08:00

Superconducting Single Photon Detectors (SSPD)

Scontel offers single photon detector systems for VIS and NIR range. The system is based on fiber-coupled NbN superconducting single photon detectors and has several independent channels (up to 8). Possible types of cooling systems: 1) Cryogen-free system (Type 1). The Closed-Cycle Refrigerator is a cryogen-free cooling system. This system works without using of liquid helium. [...]

Superconducting Single Photon Detectors (SSPD)2023-05-03T15:52:27+08:00

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Spectroscopy is a branch of optics, studying the generation of spectrum of various substances and its interaction with materials. Spectroscopy technology/ Optical Spectrum Analyzer is not only a scientific tool, it also provides an important method of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the chemical analysis. Spectroscopy technology works by measuring the light intensity of [...]

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