SEMISHARE provides semiconductor testing equipment and processing equipment. The testing equipments include probe station, laser repair system, IV / CV tracer and source meter , network analyzers, optical microscopy, EMMI, X-ray, C-SAM ultrasonic detector, SEM. Processing equipment include plasma etcher like RIE,ICP etc.,diffusion,oxidation furnace,CVD,wafer bonder,spin coater,lithography,sputtering machine,electronic beam evaporator etc. .

We in ilaser mostly distrubte thier probe stations in Singapore.



Comprehensive analytical probe station (Model SH Series)



Wafer Testing Probe Station (Model SE Series)



Miniature Analysis Probe Station (Model SM Series)



TEG Prober (Model TEG Series)



High-low Temperature Vacuum Probe Station  (Model SCG Series)



High-low Temperature Vacuum Probe Station (Model SC Series)



Mass Production Semi-automatic / Fully Automatic Probe Station (Model SA Series)



Semi-automatic wafer probe station (Model SX Series)




Semi-auto Analysis Probe Station (Model SHCV Series)



Semi-automatic cryogenic Probe Station (Model SCG -Auto series)



Failure Analysis Probe Station (Model FA series)