3 Axis CNC Router

Product Description 

1. The  CNC routers with linear ATC C Series is engineered and built to fit your application as well as your budget. Our  CNC routers with linear ATC are available in both large and small table configurations, and are fully capable of handling a wide variety of milling, drilling, contouring, boring, shaping, grooving, routing and engraving projects..

2. X,Y,Z Working Area: 1300*1300*200mm

3. Compatible Software: Option:VCarve/VCarve Pro/ArtCAM/UCANCAM,etc.

4. Air-cooled vacuum pump(5.5kw), Positioning cylinder device, Europe Switch, Two conjoined, Tool Box and Operating Mannual Book provided.


Technical Details

Technical Details

  1.  9.0 kw ATC HSD Spindle Electrospindle with 8-position Automatic Tool Changer(8 pcs ISO30 tool holder).
  2. High accuracy tools sensor with a long service time, steady movement and good starting performance.
  3. Professional control system for ATC cnc machine, extend maximum performance of cutting or engraving, support G code and M xcode format with less fault and high stability.
  4. The unique auto tool changer system can change tools alternatively, while the tool sensor accommodates the tolerance of the tool length.
  5. Hard Limited switch install on both end of the rail,used to protect hardware equipment, and block spindle moving when machine get our of control
  6. Vacuum table+ T-slot easily to suck or clip for processing panel materials
  7. Filter: The role of power line filter is to prevent electromagnetic interference generated by the machine itself into the power line, power line while preventing interference into the machine.
  8. Supporting block for foot-pad: Durable helical designs to adjust the machine with standard level when put on rough ground ,which can ensure machine working stability.

Application Materials 

Foam, Styrofoam, EPS Foam, Wood, MDF, Solid wood, Hardwood, Artificial stone, Marble, Granite, Ceramic Tile, Tombstone, milestone, Terrazzo, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Quartzite, Slate, grindstone ,Jade, crystal, plexiglass, aluminum composite panel, aluminum block, copper and so on.


Application Industries
Suitable for Furniture Industry, Mould Industry, Craft Industry, Stone processing factories, Furnace (fireplace) making, Tombstone processing industries, Advertisement industries for Stone art craft works, Home & Outdoor Product making industries, Architectural decoration industries,etc.

Safety Features

Safety Features

1.Active safety system: A special design added to our system, tradtional safety system requires user to press it to stop machines operation when accidetns happen, but our newly addedsystem just requires a sligh touch in order to stop the operation automatically.

2.Auto lubricating system,one touch can finish periodic maintenance easily.

3.The world-class Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driving system: Ensures that the machine runs at a high speed with low noise.

4.Toolsensor: Automatic gauge cnc bit,can prevent the bit cutting through materials and damage thetable

5.Extraction 2.2 kw+ double dust collector