Introducing ThunderBolt, our cutting-edge laser engraving machine, which combines high-resolution engraving at high speed with a low lifetime cost. With 1G memory, built-in exhaust fan, air compressor, and a user-friendly touch screen operating panel, it simplifies your work process. This machine features super silent fans, a high-resolution camera, and integrated parameter settings for seamless engraving. It comes with Lightburn software and a rotary axis plug for added versatility, along with 8 safety locks for security. With iLaser support, it's backed by reliability. Powered by a metal CO2 laser source, this machine offers endless creative possibilities and more!

Specification                      ThunderBolt

Laser Source                           CO2 RF Laser 30W

Working Area                         508mm*305mm

Max Speed                               1000mm/s

Z Axis Height                          110mm

Cooling                                     Air

Autofocus                                 Yes

Specification                             ThunderBolt

Display Panel                                 Yes

Wifi                                                  N/A

Passthrough door                         N/A

Rotary                                             Yes

Software                                         LightBurn

Weight                                             78kg