Laser Safety World Laser Protective Clothing

is a laser protective clothing is cut and sewn with Laser Defender laser protective curtains. It is the only professional laser protective clothing . The standard product of Laser Safety World laser protective clothing is in the form of a one-piece apron, with a length of 1.2m, one size fits all, designed with adjustable elastic buckle, suitable for most body shapes. There is two series of standard photoelectric version and enhanced industrial version. The standard photoelectric version is equipped with dust-free anti-static and flame-resistant outer lining, which is suitable for optical communication, semiconductor microelectronics with low power and clean room operation and other industries. The enhanced industrial version is suitable for industrial laser processing occasions, especially for handheld laser processing operators.

Laser Safety Clothing Parameter

Laser Safety World Laser Safety Face Shields

The face shield features a ratchet adjustable neck strap for a custom fit. Made of durable nylon. The swivel action allows the user to lift the mask while donning. The laser protective face shield adopts EUCE EN207 standard protective window.


  1. 110mm x 90mm large size visible window, wide field of view, easy to observe.
  2. The outer laser protection window and the inner fully transparent glass realize double-layer protection. When the laser equipment stops working, it can be used as a conventional protective mask.
  3. The laser protection window is a flip type, which can be flipped up separately, without flipping up the entire mask, it can be fully transparent for observation.
  4. The laser protection window and transparent protective glass are fixed by springs, and the replacement is simple and quick.

Laser Safety Face Shield

  1. Three-way adjustment design, suitable for people with various head shapes. Front sponge is sweat-absorbent and breathable material, comfortable to wear.


Laser Safety Face Shield Adjustment

Note: Laser safety protective face shields with fully transparent windows can also be customized, as shown in the figure below, please consult our company for more details.

Customizable Laser Safety Face Shield

Parameter selection table:

Note: Wavelength segments are listed in the table below. The model with OD value is tested according to CE certification and the standards EN207 and EN167 for laser goggles in the PPE directive. The testing qualifications include CNAS and ilac-MRA, and the conclusions are mutually recognized internationally.

Laser Safety Face Shield Parameters

Parameter Selection Table (cont.):

Laser Safety Face Shield Parameter selection table cont