Shadow laser micrometer is a powerful tool for precision measurements in various applications. This device uses a laser beam to project a shadow of an object onto a receiver, allowing for accurate and non-contact measurement of distances and dimensions.

Optical micrometer

Principle of operation:

• Optical micrometers are intended for contactless measurement and the control
of diameters, backlashes and situations of technological objects.
The micrometer consists of two modules: radiator and receiver.

• Radiation of semiconductor laser is collimated by a lens. At placement of the
object in the area of a collimated beam, the generated shadow image is scanned
with a CCD photodetector part.

• The geometry of the object is calculated from the position of the shadow border.

Triangulation rangefinder possibilities 

Optical micrometer is designed for contactless measurement and control of diameters, gaps and positions of technological objects

  • High precision
    measurements of
    geometric parameters
    and object position.
  • Measurements of the
    dimensions in cross
    section and average
    diameter of an object.
  • Product quality control
    without disassembling
    and dismantling.
  • Ability to integrate with
    robots, machines,
    automatic lines.