Triangulation laser scanner - a powerful tool for capturing high-precision 3D models of objects and environments. With its advanced laser triangulation technology, our scanner is able to capture millions of data points per second, resulting in highly accurate and detailed 3D models.


Laser: red (658 nm), blue (450 nm), green (532 nm), and infrared (808 nm)
Housing: compact, standard and large
Frequency: 60Hz – 1.7kHz
Scanning Precision: 0,005..0,1 mm
Interface: Ethernet 1Gb/100Mb
Power Supply: 12-36V, 5W
Class: IP67


Additional options: IP68, protective glass, quick-release fastenings, air blowing and
Software: AN Viewer and special software tailored for many industrial applications
including welding control, robotics, CNC machines, automation, etc.

Laser Scanners offer advanced options such as:

  • Possibility to apply
    filters in real time

- Mathematical

- Possibility to design and load
custom software into the
scanner and make custom
calculations, flash, data
transfer protocol, etc.

Laser Scanners Applications:

• Manufacturing and Shipbuilding
• Industrial Automation
• Machine Vision
• Quality Control
• Military Industry
• Transportation
• Electronics

• Electronics
• Metallurgy
• Energy Industry
• Welding
• Biology
• Medicine
• Criminology

• Criminology
• Art and Archaeology
• Food Industry
• Plastic Production
• Woodworking
• Packaging and Post Services