Triangulation Laser Rangefinder, the perfect tool for accurate distance measurement in a variety of applications. Using a high-precision laser, this rangefinder employs the triangulation method to calculate distances with incredible accuracy and speed.

Triangulation Rangefinder

Principle of operation: 

• The basis of the sensor is based on the principle of optical triangulation.

• The radiation of a semiconductor laser is focused by the lens on the object.

• The radiation scattered on an object is collected by a lens on a linear matrix.
The signal processor calculates the distance to the object by the position of
the image of the light spot on the linear matrix.

AN-11TL possibilities

Triangulation rangefinder will determine the distance to the object, the offset relative to the meter in real time, the surface geometry

  • Contactless
    measurements of the
    distance to the objects.
  • High frequency
  • Measurements of
    minimum or
    maximum distance.
  • Integration with robots,
    machines, automatic
    production processes.