With its performance and rapid speed, this fiber laser marking machine can be highly integrated with all mechanical and optical electronics and equipment like lasers, computers, and automatic controls. Additionally, the laser has a high peak power and outstanding beam quality as characteristics, a good touch interface and a strong control system very much. It can mark on larger areas and difficult surfaces on aluminum, copper, gold, and silver without the shadow and virtual open phenomenon for engraving bar codes, decorative maps, Logo, factory numbers, and production dates. It also has a modular design with a separate laser generator and lifter.

The portable Fiber laser marking system has a standard setup that offers a wide range of marking possibilities to accommodate any manufacturing requirement. It features a very adaptable unit that may be readily transported for use in numerous locations and is capable of marking objects varying in size from extremely small to very massive machinery that would not fit into conventional marking systems.

Product Application

  • Different types of metals: Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Chrome, Brass etc.
  • Alloy and Metal Oxide: Anodized aluminum
  • Non-metallic Materials & Special Surface Treatment: Silicone Wafer, Poly Urethane, Ceramics, Plastics, Rubber, Epoxy Resin, PC, ABS, Coating film etc.


  • Great flexibility and easy to carry
  • Optical Fiber Laser, environmental friendly, easy maintenance
  • Laser long working life up to 100,000 hours
  • Excellent beam quality with medium mixed yb double-clad fiber
  • Runs without consumable spare parts , no need maintenance, great for continuous working
  • Good touch interference and powerful control system
  • Advanced digital high speed scanning galvanometer
  • Small volume, quick speed, good stability
  •  EZCAD laser marking software
  • PCX, DXF, support PLT, BMP, SHX, TTF can be used directly
  • Software running on windows platform, English interface, compatible with CorelDRAW, AutoCAD software
  • Special marking software for all kinds of graphic, barcode, number, words, etc.