The Thunder Aurora laser series. Ideal for metalwork, the Aurora machines are powerful, precise, fast and flexible. It has the ability to engrave vector fonts with incredible accuracy, the Aurora is perfect for highly detailed designs like serial numbers, company logos, icons, bar codes, matrixes and more. The optical fiber laser enables you to mark metal and non-metal materials in addition to powder coating, painting, planar, anodizing, and electroplating metal surfaces. Encased by eco-friendly materials and advanced machinery, the Aurora series is powerful, durable, and environmentally conscious.

Product Features


Move at the speed of your ideas.

  • High-speed galvanometer motor
  • Engrave 2m/s
  • Adjustable pulse speed and frequency


Engrave with ease

  • Intelligent control functions
  • Glare reduction
  • Fully enclosed protective cover
  • Alarm lamp to indicate job is complete


Detail work has never been easier.

  • MOPA lasers with long and short pulses that can be gradually adjusted between 2 and 500ns (60W)
  • Galvanometer motor increases stability and accuracy
  • Geometric optics and auto-focus


Designed to last.

  • Optical fiber laser and eco-friendly materials
  • Flexible MOPA laser
  • Galvanometer laser