The 3D Galvanometer scanner has compact design, high positioning accuracy, higher marking speed, and strong anti-interference ability. In the process of dynamic marking, the marking line has high precision, distortion free, power uniform, pattern without distortion, the overall performance has reached the international leading level in the field.

3D serial fiber laser marking machine adopt imported core components, with high-speed, high precision 3D Galvo, and with our 3D specified software and control system, it can engrave on any curved workpieces in a fine process, there is no off-focus problem. It can also adjust focus length any time for deep engraving, which make process efficiency and marking quality much better than traditional 2D fiber laser marking machine.


Laser wave length 1064/532/355nm
Repeating frequency 20~500KHz
Marking area 300 x 300mm (60x60mm to 180x180mm optional)
Max central angle 0~110degree

height difference

Laser Cooling air cooled system
Machine dimensions 1200mm(D) x 622mm (W) x1600mm (H)
Machine Weight 140kg
Safety Sensors At front of machine
Laser Safety Class Class 4 with laser source.

Class 2 with enclosed system.