1. Custom Acylinder

Based on a specially developed CNC grinding and polishing processes, asphericon manufactures acylinders with a surface form deviation (RMSi) of ≤ 0.5 µm. Together with our customers, we design and manufacture suitable aspherical cylinders for their applications from a large selection of optical glasses, from prototypes to series production. You can also benefit from the following specifications:

  • Customer-specific Acylinders
  • Available in different shapes: planoconvex, planoconcave, biconvex, biconcave
  • Outer shape can be userdefined
  • Excellent surface quality with roughness values as low as 5 Å
  • High-end coatings


2. StockOptics Acylinder

Precise, stocked Acylinder

Benefit from our attractive selection of aspheric cylinders with a RMSi surface form deviation smaller than 0.5 µm. a|Acylinders are made from high-index-glass and can be especially used for laser applications. They are now also obtainable with high-precision mountings and convince with the following specifications:


Acylinders – https://www.asphericon.com/fileadmin/user_upload/PDFs/asphericon_ACYLINDERS_2021.pdf