1. Custom Aspheres
Looking for a custom solution? Discover our customized aspheres with unsurpassed surface quality and following specifications:


2. StockOptics Aspheres

Aspheres directly from stock

The StockOptics Aspheres product range includes an exclusive selection of standardized optics. Choose between asphericon a|High-NA, a|Low-NA and a|UV-grade fused silica as well as up to three different quality levels (Precision, Ultra and BeamTuning). Thanks to CNC polishing and grinding this aspheric lens meets the highest demands on production quality and tolerance:

  • Precision polished Aspheres (a|High-NA made of S-LAH64, a|Low-NA made of N-BK7 and a|FusedSilica made of fused silica)
  • Quality levels: Precision (RMSi < 0.5 µm, wavefront RMS up to < 235), Ultra (RMSi up to < 0.1 µm; wavefront RMS up to < 51) and BeamTuning (RMSi < 0.02 µm; wavefront RMS < 10)
  • CNC grinding & polishing for superior surface roughness
  • Materials: S-LAH64, N-BK7, FusedSilica
  • Diameter: 10 mm to 100 mm
  • Available with high-quality AR- and V-coatings
  • Off-the-shelf delivery for short lead times
  • Files for optical design and drawings available (Zemax, CodeV, OSLO, VirtuelLabTM, Step)


How about a little more precision?

StockOptics Aspheres in a new quality level


All aspheres of the StockOptics range are now also available with an RMSi down to < 0.1 µm. Discover our aspheres in Ultra Quality. The lenses made of S-LAH64, N-BK7 or fused silica meet highest demands on manufacturing quality and tolerance. Benefit from excellent surfaces, high-quality coatings and delivery directly from stock. Selected diameters are also available with precision mounts. Visit our webshop and discover attractive quantity discounts.


Discover also the a|FusedSilica product lines: Precision, Ultra and BeamTuning. Optimized for a wide range of (laser) applications, as prototypes in test devices or as standard components for beam focusing/collimating, our fused silica aspheres are particularly suitable for high laser powers. Besides additional diameters, all a|FusedSilicas are also available with high-precision V-coatings (355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm).

a|FusedSilica aspheres at a glance:

  • Precison Line: RMSi ≤ 0.5 μm and wavefront RMS ≤ 235 nm perfectly tailored for your UV application
  • Ultra Line: ultra-precision optics with surface form deviation ≤ 0.3 μm and wavefront RMS ≤ 140 nm
  • BeamTuning line: high-end finished optics for lowest roughness of ≤ 0.5 nm, RMSi ≤ 0.02 μm and wavefront RMS ≤ 10 nm


FusedSilica Aspheres – https://www.asphericon.com/fileadmin/user_upload/PDFs/Datasheet_asphericon_FusedSilica_2021.pdf

High-NA Aspheres – https://www.asphericon.com/fileadmin/user_upload/PDFs/Datasheet_asphericon_HighNA_2021.pdf

Low-NA Aspheres – https://www.asphericon.com/fileadmin/user_upload/PDFs/Datasheet_asphericon_LowNA_2021.pdf

Custom Aspheres – https://www.asphericon.com/fileadmin/user_upload/PDFs/asphericon_CUSTOM_ASPHERES_2021.pdf