1. Beam expansion – A unique system made of aspheric lenses

Conventional laser beam expander can only be adapted with great effort, are relatively large and only suitable for a certain wavelength. The world’s first use of an aspheric lens for laser beam expansion opens completely new possibilities. Spherical aberrations are corrected and an afocal system for large input beam diameters is realized. The aspheric beam expansion lens reduces the system size up to 50% compared to currently available optical components on the market. The asphericon laser beam expander system covers a wide wavelength spectrum. Design wavelengths of 355, 532, 632 and 780 to 1064 nm. An intelligent assembly concept saves time-consuming adjustments and ensures precision and flexibility. Discover the advantages of aspherical beam expansion for your application!

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Discover the world‘s first aspheric and diffraction-limited beam expander. The a|BeamExpander is a monolithic laser accessory with just one aspheric lens for the highest level of precision. Experience nearly endless possibilities with up to 32× beam magnification and optimized performance for different design wavelengths (355, 532, 632, 780, 1064 nm) – individually measured and certified. The asphericon beam expansion system works completely diffraction limited, both as a single element and in cascades with up to five additional coated elements. Three magnification levels are available (1.5, 1.75, 2.0), which can achieve up to 32x expansion.


2. Beam Shaping

Aspheric laser beam shaper

With the a|TopShape, a|AiryShape, and a|SqAiryShape from the laser beam shaping range, asphericon offers efficient top hat beam shapers for maximum results in all laser applications. Based on aspherical optics, these modular components allow the straightforward transformation of Gaussian laser beams into various round and square top hat profiles. Thanks to highly precise manufacturing technology, these laser beam shapers are distinguished by unparalleled beam quality and can be used in diverse applications.

The input and output beams of the beam shapers are freely scalable. Their wide spectral range (300–2,500 nm) is suitable for applications in metrology, microscopy and materials processing. The a|TopShape (for beam profiles up to 300 mm, available in a LongDistance (LD) version for up to 1.5 m as well as an LDX model for 1.5 m and movable to larger working distances), the a|AiryShape and the a|SqAiryShape can all be used not only with a collimated laser beam but also with a fiber-coupled source. Despite their compact size, these beam shapers deliver outstanding optical quality. Thanks to their modular design and asphericon’s mounting concept with easy-to-screw threads and a large selection of adapters, the laser beam shapers are straightforward to connect without further adjustment. In addition, they’re simple to use and can be easily integrated into existing setups. Moreover, they can be combined with additional beam expander components. The high-precision installation of these beam shapers in their mount enables them to be perfectly aligned within the beam path.


The a|TopShape is an innovative beam shaper that transforms collimated Gaussian beams into slightly enlarged (M ≈ 1.5) collimated top hat beams with uniform intensity distribution. It’s distinguished by its compact design and outstanding optical quality (beam uniformity < 0.1). The laser beam shaper covers a wide spectral range (320–2,500 nm), accepts different input beam diameters up to ±10%, and generates a stable beam profile for at least 300 mm. Using the LongDistance version (a|TopShape LD), even homogeneous beam profiles can be achieved at a working distance of up to 1.5 m. With the new a|TopShape LDX, the beam profile can be shifted to large working distances of up to 3 m by adjusting the input beam diameter. Since the effective working distance decreases as the beam size is reduced, a|TopShape LD and LDX are particularly suitable for applications requiring smaller beam diameters. For applications where the beam profile’s homogeneity is less crucial, longer working distances are also possible (see Flexibility).

3. Fiber Collimation

Optimized laser fiber coupling and fiber collimation

asphericon’s adjustable fiber collimators/fiber couplers ensure perfect alignment of FC/PC patch fibers in your laser set-up. Combine collimators – available from stock for NAs up to 0.275 – with BeamTuning or other beam shaping elements to obtain any desired output beam while maintaining a diffraction-limited wavefront. The sophisticated optical design enables simple fiber coupling, alignment, and wavefront adjustment with minimal adjustment.