1. Custom Axicons

In addition to an exclusive selection of high-precision 1″ and 2″ a|Axicons direct from stock, asphericon also manufactures convex and concave axicons as custom solutions. According to the requirements of our customers, we manufacture prototypes, small series or series. Almost all optically effective materials are suitable for production using specially developed CNC-controlled grinding and polishing processes. asphericon is achieving accuracies from up to 200 nm global surface imperfections (irregularities) or values of RMSi of 40 nm. Also benefit from the following specifications:


2. StockOptics Axicons

Axicons with short delivery times

Discover our exclusive selection of off-the-shelf a|Axicons. They are convincing with surface form deviation of RMSi ≤0.07 µm and the following specifications:

  • Available in two diameters (25.4 mm and 50.8 mm)
  • Suitable for high power laser applications
  • Available with 4 standard coatings
  • Delivery directly from stock
  • RoHS compliance


Axicons – https://www.asphericon.com/fileadmin/user_upload/PDFs/asphericon_AXICONS_2021.pdf