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 1. Custom AspheresLooking for a custom solution? Discover our customized aspheres with unsurpassed surface quality and following specifications:Aspheric optics for UV/VIS/IR rangeIndividual optical designs for for all types of applicationsDiffraction-limited quality with a Strehl ratio up to 0.99Outstanding surface quality with roughness values as low as 5 ÅHigh-end optical coatings' 2. StockOptics AspheresAspheres directly from stockThe StockOptics [...]



Introducing ThunderBolt, our cutting-edge laser engraving machine, which combines high-resolution engraving at high speed with a low lifetime cost. With 1G memory, built-in exhaust fan, air compressor, and a user-friendly touch screen operating panel, it simplifies your work process. This machine features super silent fans, a high-resolution camera, and integrated parameter settings [...]


Bambu Lab X1 Series

Bambu Lab X1 Series Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D Printer with AMS (Auto material system) Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D Printer without AMS (Auto material system) Dimension: 389 x 389 x 857 mm (LxWxH) Dimension: 389 x 389 x 457 mm (LxWxH) Product features Multi Colour & Multi Material Capability (Up to 16 multi-colour [...]

Bambu Lab X1 Series2023-09-13T15:40:32+08:00

Bambu Lab P1S and P1P

Bambu Lab P1S & P1P Bambu Lab P1S 3D Printer Dimension: 389x389x458 mm (LxWxH) Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer Dimension: 386x389x458 mm (LxWxH) Product features Set up in 15 minutes High-speed 3D printing with up to 20000 mm/s² acceleration Upgradeable and customizable flexibility Compatible with AMS for multi-colour printing State-of-the-art electronics Vibration Compensation, pressure [...]

Bambu Lab P1S and P1P2023-12-12T16:06:39+08:00

Custom Made

Tailored to your needs   Non-standard special systems are XITON daily routine. If you require a laser system that is not available on the market, please feel free to contact us. Their team of experts will be able to help you. We offer state-of-the-art and compact solutions: from development prototypes to finalized serial products including [...]

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Network Encryption

The optimal application of the Centauris CV1000 is data protection across large-scale, virtualized WANs – all the way to the “virtual edge”. These large-scale extended networks, beyond the core IT network infrastructure, typically operate at speeds of 1 Gbps or less. The Centauris CN4000 Series Encryptors are [...]

Network Encryption2023-05-19T09:36:23+08:00

Key Exchange Service

Key Exchange Service To transform your current network into a quantum-safe network, a dedicated and reliable Quantum Key Management System (Q-KMS) is required. This software layer above the QKD system layer plays a critical role in holistic quantum cyber-security ecosystems to guarantee end-to-end Post Quantum data communication security. Key Exchange Service allows your current [...]

Key Exchange Service2023-05-02T18:10:44+08:00

Quantis Appliance 2.0

The Quantis Appliance distributes true and unpredictable randomness to networking and security applications and systems, for bullet-proof protection of sensitive data, servers, virtual machines and private networks. It also ensures server random pools always have true entropy and augment the entropy of random number generators in security systems such as Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) [...]

Quantis Appliance 2.02023-05-02T15:58:35+08:00

Quantis QRNG PCIe

Since 2001, the Quantis QRNG family, Quantis QRNG PCIe is commonly used as trusted source of randomness for multiple applications: to generate high-quality keys needed by cryptographic modules, to effectively protect access to private networks, servers, virtual machines and applications; to protect data integrity and confidentiality. Other applications include gaming, scientific simulations or modeling. [...]

Quantis QRNG PCIe2023-05-02T15:03:55+08:00

Quantis QRNG USB

Although random numbers are required in many applications, their generation is often overlooked. As computers are deterministic, they are not capable of producing truly random numbers. A physical source of randomness is required and since quantum physics is intrinsically random, it is natural to exploit it for this purpose. Quantis is a physical random [...]

Quantis QRNG USB2023-04-28T17:26:19+08:00