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Pr:YLF crystals, Ho:YLF crystals Very few laser materials have necessary properties for realization of lasing in the visible spectral range. Trivalent praseodymium (Pr3+) is known to be an interesting laser ion for using with solid-state lasers in the visible spectral range because of its energy levels scheme, providing several transitions in the red [...]


Sigma Koki

Optics & Coatings Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Polarizer, Lenses, Objective Lens, fθ Lenses, Beam Expanders, Achromatic Cylindrical Lens, Filters, Prisms, Windows, Substrates, etc... Holders & Mounts Mirror Mounts, Lens Holders, Prism Holders, Polarizer Holders, Laser Holders, Beam Shaping Diffusers Holders, Filter Holders, Fiber holders, Shutters, Vacuum Holders, etc.. Tables & Bases [...]

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Lab Motion System

LAB Motion Systems is a high-tech company specialized in the development of machines that require advanced motion performance. State-of-the-art motion control is realized for OEM integrations, special developments and research applications. Mechatronics is the key driver in our activities: we offer cutting edge bearing technology, high-performance direct drives, servo drivers, high-accuracy positioning feedback and [...]

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Jiangxi Liansheng

Opto-Mechanics  Our Opto-Mechanics provides high precision positioning stages, mirror mounts as well as other optic components. Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table Vibration isolation damping optical breadboard for surface resonance elimination; Optional types of optical breadboard (Honeycomb core breadboard/Rigid optical breadboard); Clean top with sealed cups; Auto-leveling and [...]

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