The OFC system is composed of commune 2-inputs optical frequency discriminator. This enables to frequency stabilized two wavelength distant lasers onto the same optical reference in order to reduce their frequency fluctuations and to correlated them as much as possible. Based on this fact, the optical beat note between the two stabilized lasers generates THz or GHz signal that reaches a very low frequency noise level and that is easily frequency tunable. Moreover, as a standard OFD, it smartly delivers a voltage signal that is proportional to the frequency fluctuations of the input laser beam. This turn-key device is suitable for laser frequency noise characterization and/or for laser frequency stabilization to drastically reduced its optical full width at half maximum linewidth.

The Optical Frequency Correlator features ultralow noise performances being successful in achieving frequency noise level as low as 0.1 Hz2 /Hz; and those in a compact and user-friendly package.

Optical Frequency Correlator Image