The FemtoYL series lasers are developed based on the all-fiber femtosecond laser platform, and are high-power ultrafast lasers designed and developed for industrial applications. This product series has the characteristics of high pulse energy, high repetition rate, high average power, and ultra-short pulse. At the same time, this product series can provide stable and reliable 24×7 operation, simple and convenient maintenance, and can reduce the user’s time in the whole product life cycle. cost. FemtoYL series lasers have good versatility and functional adaptability, and can be applied to precision processing of various fields and materials.

Technical Specifications:

Wavelength: 1030 ± 5nm

Average Power: >100W / >50W

Repetition Rate: 25kHz - 5MHz

Pulse Energy: >200 µJ / 100 µJ

Burst Pulse Energy: 1 mJ / 500µJ

Pulse Width: ~300fs - 10ps adjustable

Power Stability: <1%

Beam Quality: M2 < 1.3

Spot Diameter: ~3mm

Beam Divergence: <2mrad (according to ISO-11146-1 definition)

Polarization: Linear (S)

Polarization Ratio: ≥100:1

Sync Out: SMA TTL Signal

Control Method: RS232

Cooling Method: Water Cooling


  • OLED Dicing
  • Full Screen Dicing
  • Sapphire Drilling
  • Silicon Dicing
  • Metal Cutting and Drilling