Ultraviolet (360nm) laser (CNI Laser) used in Optoelectronic Synaptic.

In recent years, optoelectronic synaptic devices have become the application platform for next generation neuromorphic system and artificial neural network.

The key synaptic functions such as excitatory postsynaptic current (EPSC) and paired-pulse-facilitation (PPF) were successfully emulated by Human Key Laboratory of Super Microstructure and Ultrafast Process, School of Physics and Electronics, Central South University.

More importantly, by exposing an ultraviolet (360nm) laser (CNI Laser), the transformation of short-term memory (STM) to long-term memory (LTM) can be mimicked in our neuromorphic devices. These results represent an important step toward the next-generation neural networks enabled by photo-electric hybrid nano-electronics, and point to the potential of more sophisticated neuromorphic computations. Their paper is published in Solid-State Electronics, 2020 – Elsevier.