Our T5 series machine is upgrading the conveyor belt system to the gear & rack system. The Gear & Rack Driven Laser Cutting Machine is upgraded from the basic belt driven version. The basic belt driven system has its limitation when running with high power laser tube, whereas the Gear & Rack driven version is strong enough to undertake the high power laser tube. The machine can be equipped with high power laser tube up to 300W and flying optics to perform with super high acceleration speed and cutting speed. The machine also has original air blower and exhaust system that can effectively solve the problem of easy fires when cutting thick plates.

Imported Servo Motor

Imported Screw

30mm acrylic cutting effect


Main Technical Parameters


Model    T5-L1325S    
Dimensions    3600mm×1900mm×1250mm    
Working area    2500mm*1300mm    
Laser power    150W-300W    
Laser wavelength    10.6um    
Laser cooling method    Industrial circulation cooling    
Laser resolution    0.025mm    
positioning accuracy    ±0.05mm    
Cutting speed(mm/s)    ≤100    
Operating temperature    5-35℃    
Power standard    230V/50Hz ±5%    
Total Power    Maximum 3KW    
File Format    DXF、AI、PLT、DST、DSB    
Optical path system    Hybrid optical path design    
Weight    1000KG