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STEM Education with Laser Machines

Known for most of people, lasers are a pens or rather pointer that shoot red dots, which is use in teaching and playing. As a matter of fact, laser systems are used in many industrial manufacturing processes. Industrial lasers are used to cut metals and fabrics, mark tracking codes for industrial traceability, weld metals with high precision, clean metal surfaces, change the surface roughness, and measure objects dimensions. They are widely used in several industries such as the Furniture, Construction, Electronics, EV, primary metals industries. There are numerous industrial applications that could benefit from the use of a laser, which is found in many industries. To decide if a laser machine would be useful for one of your applications, it might be helpful to have an understanding of the components of a laser machine, how they work, and which application can they do.

Apart from industrial type, nowadays, many schools offer science and STEM courses that use lasers for education. Laser cutting machines are one of the best ways for budding young scientists to learn about lasers. Getting hands-on experience with laser technology can prepare students for future success in science and technology. A laser source can be used for more than design-related tasks Building with creativity is to open the door to create the world, electronics, machinery, historical and cultural knowledge.

Creating of parts using of laser machine and assembling them allow your child’s spatial intelligence, logical reasoning, and creative thinking in a safe environment. Puzzles and building kits are some of the many great ways to challenge and develop children’s spatial skills or intelligence and problem-solving skills. They can help children learn how to use their spatial skills to figure out how the pieces fit together. On the process, allow them to vastly and come up with new solutions. There are a variety of puzzles and assembling kits that can be created using of laser machines which are perfect for different ages and levels of difficulty.

Car Building Kit Created by Laser machine

Turn project ideas into prototypes in just a few steps? With the appropriate laser machine, teachers and students can quickly create their initial scale models, whether it is in model making, design, fashion or engineering. In fact, many schools or universities that has created a Makerspaces, Fabrication Labs are already using a laser as one of their digital tools. Laser-required based projects in schools convey the working methods of digital manufacturing safely and quickly. Modifications to prototypes are quick, easy and require little time and money.

Applications samples

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