Our Rotary Chuck offers a more precise solution in handling cylindrical items with its 3 jaw build. This Rotary Chuck is able to clamp items ranging from 2mm to 110mm while handling a maximum weight of 5kg. It also comes with three Chucks of different sizes to suit your needs. With this Rotary Chuck, laser marking cylindrical items would be much more easier and efficient.

Rotating Chuck Rotating Shaft Laser Marking Machine Rotary Data Parameters: 


Dimensions: 230X120X140 mm (length, width and height)

Marking Object Max Diameter: 80mm/100mm/125mm

*125mm comes with hold for cups*

Range for clamping: 2mm-110mm

Maximum Weight 5KG

Comes with:

  1. Wrench
  2. Spare Gripper
  3. Drive


Advantages: turntable elastic clamping. Fast loading and unloading, improved efficiency, easy to operate.