Since 2001, the Quantis QRNG family, Quantis QRNG PCIe is commonly used as trusted source of randomness for multiple applications: to generate high-quality keys needed by cryptographic modules, to effectively protect access to private networks, servers, virtual machines and applications; to protect data integrity and confidentiality. Other applications include gaming, scientific simulations or modeling.

Quantis QRNG PCIe

The new Quantis QRNG PCIe-40M and PCIe-240M embed Quantis QRNG IDQ20MC1 chips. They can be used in two modes:

  • In entropy source mode
  • In RNG data mode

Quantis PCIe-40M and PCIe-240M embed IDQ20MC1 chips, ID Quantique’s latest QRNG technology, that generate randomness from the shot noise of a light source captured by a CMOS image sensor. They can generate random bits directly from the entropy source (entropy data mode), or after a NIST compliant post-processing (RNG data mode). Live status verification and entropy source health monitoring performed at chip level ensure the PCie cards always provide the highest entropy, and any failure or attacks are detected.

Compliant and certified

The new Quantis PCIe-40M and PCIe-240M are compliant with NIST SP800 90A/B/C recommendations and passes IID, non-IID tests, DieHarder and NIST SP800-22 test suites. METAS and CC certifications of these two new products are under way.

Legacy Quantis PCIe and USB have been certified by leading commercial entities, well-known international institutes and governments worldwide. Legacy PCIe and USB also present an AIS31 version that is compliant with the German BSI’s AIS31 validation criterias.


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