ID Quantique introduces its true Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) Chip, which offers the highest attainable security and robustness for the generation of random bits. It is ideal for use in the automotive, computing, critical infrastructure, IoT, mobile, space and security applications where compact size and resistance to external environmental perturbations are critical.

Quantis QRNG Chips intrinsically random

Only Quantum RNGs are intrinsically random, provably secure and future proof. Quantum physics is probabilistic on a fundamental level, which means that they can produce unpredictable outcomes in a robust, transparent and well controlled way.

Quantis QRNG Chips Applications

Quantis QRNG Core Technology

At its core, the QRNG chip contains a light-emitting diode (LED) and an image sensor. Due to quantum noise, the LED emits a random number of photons, which are captured and counted by the image sensor’s pixels, giving a series of raw random numbers that can be accessed directly by the user applications. These numbers are also fed to a deterministic random bit generator algorithm (DRBG) which distills further the entropy of quantum origin to produce random bits in compliancy to NIST 800-90A/B/C standard.

The Quantis QRNG Chip allows live status verification: if a failure is detected in the physical process, the random bit stream is immediately disabled, the user is notified, and an automatic recovery procedure is performed to produce QRNG data again.

QRNG chip for space applications

IDQ’s QRNG chips provide randomness for quantum-enhanced security for most mission profiles: LEO, MEO and GEO. Compact size, low power consumption, and screened to ECSS-Q-ST-60-13 for Class 1 to Class 3, IDQ’s space grade products are ideal for upgrading space designs to quantum technology enhanced security.

QRNG chip for space applications

QRNG Evaluation Kits

The QRNG evaluation kits (EVK) allow engineers to explore settings and functions of a Quantum Random Number Generator. The EVK generate random number outputs in various formats and files for analysis and used to perform randomness testing. The EVK also serve as a demonstration platform to visually show the creation of random number outputs.

Based on an easy to use Raspberry Pi single board computer platform, ID Quantique’s QRNG evaluation kits integrate one or several Quantis QRNG chips on a daughter board into the RPi. They offer three typical RPi access modes: local terminal, WiFi or Ethernet. An additional dual chip evaluation board is also available, based on the ODROID single board computer platform, to test both IDQ250C2 and IDQ6MC1 chips. By simply moving the switches; you can choose which chip you test, and which interface protocol you use.

Quantis QRNG USB QRNG Evaluation Kits Image

Quantis QRNG Chips Specifications