ID 3000 Series – Picosecond Lasers

ID 3000 Series Picosecond Lasers is a cost-effective solution offering high-quality picosecond-pulsed laser light under long term and maintenance-free operation. Both free space and fibre-coupled versions are available to handle virtually any optical application. An ID 3000 Series laser can be used with IDQ single photon detectors and Time Controller Series to enrich a range of high-speed and high-sensitivity time correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) applications, from quantum photonics and quantum information, super resolution microscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy, to the field-testing of optical fibres


ID 3000 Series – Picosecond Lasers features

The ID 3000 Series of compact, versatile, and easy to use picosecond-pulsed lasers

These lasers are based on high-reliability semiconductor laser diodes operated in gain-switched mode, emitting laser pulses typically shorter than 30 ps across a broad segment of the electromagnetic spectrum (UV to telecom C-band, 375 nm to 1550 nm). Each ID 3000 laser source operates as a laser head working in tandem with a laser controller, where multiple laser heads can be interchanged with a single controller. The laser head is pre-tuned to a particular wavelength (see the laser wavelengths table on the next page) and can be operated out of the box within minutes through the controller’s user-friendly interface. The on-demand picosecond pulses of the laser head—combined with the ultra-low timing jitter of the ID 3000’s laser controller—allow for unparalleled precision and control in your experimental setup within such a compact device.

Versatile design

  • Pulse-on-demand operation up to 40 MHz
  • Remote operation: you can connect via RS-232 or USB 2.0 connection
  • Robust design: functions maintenance-free under 24/7 industrial operation

Ultra-low jitter

  • The ID 3000’s timing jitter is ultra-low: typically, lower than 4 ps rms
  • This ultra-low measured jitter is only an upper limit of the timing jitter, as it includes jitter contributions from the measuring electronics
  • Pulse-tuning mode minimizes the effects of after-pulsing

Ultrafast laser pulses

  • The gain-switched operation of the semiconductor laser diode allows emission of ultrafast optical pulses from 20 to 110 ps pulse width with ultra-low timing jitter.

ID 3000 Series – Picosecond Lasers parameters

ID 3000 Series – Picosecond Lasers specs