In addition to optical combs and optical comb systems suitable for various applications, IMRA can provide mode-locked lasers at the following wavelengths, f2f modules for optical combs, locking controllers, and amplification and beat frequency modules.

1) Mode-locked laser

IMRA can provide mode-locked lasers at the following wavelengths to meet your different wavelength and power requirements.

Main features:

·  High stability

·  Ultra-low amplitude and phase noise

·  Repetition frequency 25-100 MHz

·  All-fiber structure

·  Small size (3U), easy to integrate into your system

·  High power

·  Especially suitable for use in environments with a wide range of temperature changes

·  Photoelectric isolation output

 2) f to 2f module

All-fiber, ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N)

IMRA offers reliable and user-friendly f to 2f modules for fceo sensing of Er frequency combs. It is a plug-and-play device with no moving parts. It comes in a rugged, all-fiber package and delivers greater than 40 dB fceo S/N ratio at 100 kHz RBW.

Alternatively, the fceo sensor can be integrated with a low-noise photodetector for fceo detection, followed by an RF amplifier for direct compatibility with typical phase-locked electronics such as IMRA ULC.

Main features:

· Fully polarization-maintaining fiber coupling with FC/APC connector

· FCEO signal generation in the optical domain

· Supercontinuum monitor port

· Ultra low noise

· Compact Φ6.35 mm*Length 80 mm

· Signal to noise ratio>40dB @100 kHz RBW*

Available extensions:

· Use RF amplifiers to provide f to 2f output in the RF domain

· Compatible with IMRA combs and ULC

3) ULC—Universal Locking Electronic Equipment

Compatible with all IMRA optical combs, microwave generation systems, and all oscillators.

The ULC is a user-friendly, high-speed universal locking electronic device that combines multiple functions. The device includes input filtering, prescaler, dual channel DDS and phase detector. Provides an easy-to-use 5-channel PID lock box, coupled with GPS positioning, adjustable RF synthesizer, integrated phase detector, optional prescaler and RF bandpass filter, the plug-and-play solution is more suitable for large-scale applications. Most lock apps.

main features:

·  3 selectable bandpass filter frequencies (frequency can be set by the manufacturer)

·  5 selectable prescalers 1-16

·  Configurable fbeat and fceo lock, frep and fceo lock, frep only lock

·  GPS signal reference input

·  Internal RF synthesizer 10 - 70 MHz (fceo and fbeat locked), 0.99 - 1.01 GHz (frep locked)

·  Locate on GPS signal

·  Supports up to three PID filters in series (2 PID filters in series on channel 1) according to different bandwidth utilization

·  RF signal or error signal input phase lock

Suitable for general metering applications:

·  Optical frequency comb phase locking

·  Phase locking of optical and microwave references

·  Phase modulated optical heterodyne phase locking

·  Coherent control

·  Coherent dual optical frequency comb operation

4) HVA--high voltage amplifier

Up to 5 channels, 1MHz bandwidth

Compact, high-voltage amplifier with ultra-low noise performance. It is very suitable for precise frequency control of PZT and EOM. It matches the IMRA ULC equipment. It can conveniently control the phase of the optical comb frequency and the feedback bandwidth is up to 1MHz. The software has many user-selectable modulation functions.

main features:

·  Modular system can be equipped with up to 5 channels

·  80v or 180v output voltage

·  500Hz full power bandwidth

·  PZT and EOM driving capabilities

·  Knob for software and hardware bias adjustment

·  Output modulation signal up to 125HZ (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square)

·  Software interface for bias adjustment, modulation setting, and saturation detection

5) Microwave generation module - -Eamp200R_RF

IMRA's microwave generation module - Eamp200 R_RF, is used to convert high-performance frequency combs into microwave domains with ultra-high stability, such as 10GHz-50GHz. Targeting advanced metrology and quantum optics applications such as optical clocks and quantum computing. Convenient rack-mountable system architecture

• 10 GHz -50GHz microwave frequencies

• 10 GHz stability < 2*10-16 @ 1 second (with optical reference)

• 30 MHz tuning range

• SMA output

• 3U rack

• Insensitive to vibration and temperature

• Remote operation via Ethernet