This Biological Microscope comes with binocular 30° inclined viewing head, 40 to 1600X zoom magnification range, for advance microscopic observation. With ergonomic design, high quality plan achromatic objectives are used to reduce strain on eyes during observation. It comes with a coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob with coarse focusing range 20 mm, and fine focusing graduation of 0.002 mm.

This Inverted Biological Microscope offers compact and sleek design, stable and reliable (T) type base unit with infinite optical system. Equipped with superior resolution, long working distance (infinite) phase contrast objectives, to deliver high quality images. User can configure the cell more clearly and obtain high quality images of the specimen. This user-friendly inverted microscope is used in many branches of biology. Other types of Biological Microscopes are available.

This Digital Microscope is equipped with 8 inch TFT touch LCD screen and easy to use software to view and study the specimen without straining the eyes. Illumination is provided by S-LED system with adjustable brightness. Sharp and clear images of the specimen are obtained using coarse and fine focusing adjustment.

This Digital Microscope is self-contained microscopy and imaging system with a 9.7 inches’ touchscreen interface and 16 MP CMOS sensor. The binocular head features correction-free interpapillary-adjustment, and 30mm (outer diameter) of wide-field eyepieces. It has Four high-quality plan-achromatic objectives (4X, 10X, 40X, 100X) combine with the 10X eyepieces to offer a magnification range from 40 X to 1000 X. Other types of Digital Microscopes are available.

This Fluorescence Microscopes is an inverted microscope with binocular viewing head and long working distance infinite plan objectives. The fluorescent attachment with B and G excitation filter modules aids in fluorescent microscopic observations.

This Fluorescence Microscope is an upright microscope with binocular viewing head, backward quadruple nosepiece and infinite semi-plan achromatic objective. The LED fluorescent attachment with Blue excitation filter helps in fluorescent microscopic observations. Other types of Fluorescence Microscopes are available.

This Multi-viewing Biological Microscope offers observation of single specimen by multiple people at a time. It has two viewing head: 1 piece trinocular head and 4 piece of binocular head inclined at 30° and 360° rotatable. With coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment, it delivers sharp and clear image of the specimen. Equipped with built in LED green light pointer with adjustable brightness. Kohler external illumination aspherical collector, and halogen lamp 24 V/ 100 W acts as illumination source. Used in pathology, medical diagnostic, molecular biology, other scientific institute for demonstration and research purpose. Other versions of Multi-viewing Biological Microscopes are available.

This Metallurgical Microscope is an upright metallurgical microscope with large size stage and wide moving range. Designed with low and pre-position control knobs, for ergonomic microscopic observations. Its speedy stage movement by hand helps in getting observation point easily. Other types of Metallurgical Microscopes are available.

This Polarizing microscope is an upright microscope equipped with transmitted 360° rotatable 0° adjustable position polarizer, a fixed reflected polarizer, and 360° dial rotation, 0.1° minimum Vernier scale analyzer. The easy switches between orthogonal and conoscopic polarization are made using adjustable Bertrand lens. Other types of Polarizing microscopes are available.

This Measuring microscope comes with small, lightweight, portable design, and user-friendly operations. Equipped with No. 7 pen battery as source of illumination during microscopic analysis. Different measurements are possible by using different reticules and eyepiece using this microscope. Other types of Measuring microscopes are available.

Measuring microscope comes with small, lightweight, portable design, and user-friendly operations. The natural light is used as source of illumination. Different measurements are possible by using different reticules and eyepiece in this microscope. Other types of Measuring microscopes are available.

The Stereo Microscope is a zoom stereo microscope with 60° inclined trinocular viewing head. With Greenough zoom optical system, it offers 10x to 45x wide zoom magnification range (4:5:1 zoom ratio). Designed with fixed arm type stand with user-friendly focusing mechanism.

This Stereo Microscope is integrated zoom optical module with high definition camera. It can be conveniently used in a narrow and small space. It offers 17 X to 110 X Magnification range with objective lens 0.7 x to 4.5 x and design with COMS Sensor of 1/3 inches. According to ergonomic principles, its internal optical corner design and angle adjustment of the display screen, allow the operator to look at the display in a flat view. Through the HDMI HD interface, it can connect to another display simultaneously. Other types of Stereo Microscopes are also available.