Our IM W300 welding machine is design for advertisement industry  which is suitable for welding stainless steel mirror word, brushed stainless steel flat word, stainless steel paint word, spray stainless steel word, solid stainless steel word, plating stainless steel word, foil stainless steel word, Seiko stainless steel word, titanium plane word, welding galvanized pull, metal paint word(stainless steel, iron belt, low-carbon steel), advertising word, metal welding shape word.

Additional features:

  • Use ceramic chamber cavity which have longer life with high energy efficiency;

  • Separable Structure; easy to adjust welding method;

  • Large breadth; it can be applied to various metal;

  • Narrow possibility of Heat Deformation; solid and impenetrable;

  • Unique appearance design; wider processing scope and powerful processing ability;

  • Stable power supply; high peak power; it is good for galvanized plate welding;

  • With Long focus, it is suitable for welding relatively thick (deep) font;

  • Special welding CCD observation system used and will not cause any harm to human eyes,and thus it can endure long-time operation;


Suitable for welding stainless steel, brass, tin, galvanized sheet, cold-rolled plates and other metal plate advertising characters, digital products, stainless steel shell, battery shell, metal crafts, etc.