LAB Motion Systems is a high-tech company specialized in the development of machines that require advanced motion performance. State-of-the-art motion control is realized for OEM integrations, special developments and research applications. Mechatronics is the key driver in our activities: we offer cutting edge bearing technology, high-performance direct drives, servo drivers, high-accuracy positioning feedback and integrated motion control.

Products Feature:

High-precision air bearings;

Precision ball bearings ;

Specially developed ironless direct drives to minimize   disturbance forces and realize an optimal performance;

Motion systems with inhouse developed servo driver or   to be combined with your own drivers; 

High precision with maximum work load;  

Controller integration and optimization ;

Complete service: from idea to series product;  Calibration and measurement reports; 


Computer tomography,


Ultra-precision machining,

Laser machining,

Optical inspection,

Semiconductor applications,

Test systems for the medical industry,

Motion axes for dimensional measurement systems,

Automotive test systems and dedicated research equipment.