IXDICE 1342 is a high repetition rate solid-state diode pumped Q-switched laser with the unique fundamental wavelength of 1342 nm. It is the successor of the IDOL-C-1342 laser in a more compact laser housing.

Each laser is optimized for high pulse repetition rates in range 40-200 kHz to allow high throughput in material processing applications. Due to high pulse-to-pulse stability and a sealed housing, the IXDICE 1342 is perfectly suited for continuous 24/7 industrial use.

With a wavelength of 1342 nm, the IXDICE 1342 is a perfect choice as a laser tool for silicon processing like stealth dicing or trimming of integrated circuits. The revised design also provides compliance to US CDRH regulations.

IXDICE 1342 Picture

Applications IXDICE 1342

Stealth dicing
Wavelength sensitive processes
Micro machining
Silicon processing


Graphical user interface
LabVIEW libraries
High repetition rate
CDRH compliance


IXDICE 1342 Specifications

Front View



IXDICE 1342 Performances

Beam Profile

IXDICE 1342 Beam Profile

Laser Head Dimensions

IXDICE 1342 Laser Head Dimensions

IXDICE 1342 System Dimensions (L x W x H) and Weight

IXDICE 1342 System Dimensions (L x W x H) and Weight

IXDICE 1342 Electrical Characteristics

IXDICE 1342 Electrical Characteristics