The ID230 delivers reliable and robust telecom-wavelength single-photon detection, with the performance and versatility of a semiconductor system. With the ID230, unwanted detector noise is uniquely low. With an advanced cooling system and best-in-class device control electronics, the temperature of the ID230’s InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode can be cooled stably to -90°C, giving detector dark counts as low as <50 Hz. Specially designed for applications with asynchronous detection, this single-photon counting module can detect up to 25% of all photons arriving through its optical fibre-couple input (MMF or SMF), with a user-definable detector deadtime of 2 μs to 100 μs.


ID230 Infrared Single Photon Detector


  • Self-contained single photon detection module
  • High detection efficiency: up to 25%
  • Ultra-low noise: as low as < 50 Hz dark count rate
  • Superb precision: < 200 ps timing jitter, typ. < 150 ps
  • Broadband NIR detection: 900—1700 nm light
  • Reliable and robust performance, with worldwide round-the-clock technical support included


  • QKD and quantum communication
  • Quantum optics and computing
  • Single-photon source characterisation
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging
  • Failure analysis of integrated circuits
  • VIS, NIR and MIR spectroscopy
  • Deep tissue imaging