The IMPRESS 213 system is a high repetition rate solid-state diode pumped Q-switched laser with an emission wavelength of 213 nm. The Gaussian TEM00-mode laser beam is the well-established workhorse for fiber Bragg grating (FBG) production. Other applications are the marking of diamonds and sapphires or similar materials. Due to the very short wavelength of the laser radiation, feature sizes below 1 µm can be accomplished in direct laser writing.

Compared to Ar-Ion lasers, the IMPRESS 213 is a real energy saver and can be easily temperature-controlled by a closed cooling system. In combination with the space saving footprint, operation costs are kept at a minimum.


IMPRESS 213 Specifications

Wavelength 213 nm
Average power 150 mW
Pulse duration 6 - 8 ns
Energy per pulse > 15 µJ
Repetition rate 1 - 30 kHz
Beam quality M² < 1.6


Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) fabrication
Wavelength sensitive processes
Micro machining
Semiconductor inspection
Photoluminescence measurements
Replacement for freq. doubled AR-Ion lasers


Graphical user interface
LabVIEW libraries
Integrated N2 Gas Flow regulator
CDRH compliant
Vertical side mounting possible

Outstanding in FBG Writing


IMPRESS 213 Performance

Beam Profile

IMPRESS 213 Laser Head DimensionsIMPRESS 213 Laser Head Dimensions

System Dimensions (L x W x H) and Weight

IMPRESS 213 system dimension+weight

Electrical Characteristics

IMPRESS 213 System Electrical Characteristic