Push the limits of your photonic experiments and applications to new heights with our Swiss-made superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs), combining incredibly high detection efficiency, timing precision, low noise, and fast recovery time. The ID281 Series of SNSPDs are IDQ’s ultimate combination of high-performance single-photon detection, simple and robust cryogenics, and best-in-class time-tagging and control electronics. Get the best out of your photonic experiments and applications with the ID281 Superconducting Nanowire Series today.

Key Features 

  • Near-perfect detection efficiency: can exceed 95%
  • Ultra-low noise: as low as < 1 Hz dark count rate
  • Superb precision with built-in cryogenic amplifiers: as low as < 25 ps timing jitter
  • Mix and match up to 16 detectors, upgrade any time
  • Continuous system operation
  • Reliable and robust performance, with worldwide round-the-clock technical support included
  • Hardware-based true latch-free operation at any detection rate
  • High count rates: ultrafast detectors with maximum detection rates above 100 MHz


  • QKD and quantum communications
  • Quantum optics and computing
  • Single-photon source characterization
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging
  • Failure analysis of integrated circuits
  • VIS, NIR and MIR spectroscopy


  • Self-contained rack-mounted systems
  • Advanced time-tagging, coincidence filtering and delay/pulse generation


ID281 Superconducting Nanowire Series performance


The ID281 System

ID281 SNSPDs are integrated in an automated and compact closed-cycle cryostat, providing ease-of-use and continuous system operation, with latch free detection by design. In a single ID281 system, mix and match up to 16 detectors, available in a range of specifications customizable to each user.

ID281 Standard SNSPD: a single-pixel SNSPD design, with a linear nanowire meander, offering the best overall performance in terms of system detection efficiency, detector noise, and timing precision.

ID281 Ultrafast SNSPD: a parallel-pixel SNSPD design, again with four or eight nanowire sub-pixels, but instead used to mitigate the photon pile-up effect. Recovery times below 10 ns can be achieved with these devices, while still benefiting from the efficiency, precision, noise performance and broadband operation of the ID281 SNSPD range.

ID281 Photon-number-resolving: a parallel-pixel SNSPD design, with each detector formed of either four or eight nanowire sub-pixels connected electrically in parallel. These devices offer the unique ability to discriminate up to eight-photon states in one measurement, while still benefiting from the efficiency, precision, noise performance and broadband operation of the ID281 SNSPD range.

The ID281 System

A complete package

With performance derived from their superconducting material — operating at cryogenic temperatures — ID281 SNSPDs are delivered in a turnkey cryogenic system, tailored to your needs. Additionally, the analogue detection pulses must be turned into digital information, meaning the fastest and most precise timing instrumentation is a must-have. IDQ delivers all this and more, making it the most complete and versatile SNSPD system around.

  • Rack mounting customization for safety and mobility
  • ID281 Control Box for plug-and-play operation
  • ID1000 Time Controller for ultrafast ultra-precise data acquisition

 ID281 SNSPDs complete package

ID281 Superconducting Nanowire Series Specifications